About Us

Sweet Haven has been named the "Best of South Haven" two years in a row by South Haven Tribune readers!

Sweet Haven is an old-fashioned candy shop in South Haven, Michigan. We’re open year-round. Specialties include fudge, caramels  & chocolates, which are made in-house.

The shop also carries about 500 varieties of retro & bulk candy, saltwater taffy, chocolates, rock candy, gummi candy, sour candy, chewy candy, hard candy, soft candy, chocolate candy, fruity candy … you name it, we got it.

Visit us in person for a fun, unique experience. Sweet Haven offers candy that will delight people of all ages.



Sweet Haven is at 411 Phoenix Street in South Haven, Michigan.




Sweet Haven has been in South Haven since 2016. Three years earlier, Liz and Joe opened their first candy shop in Indiana. When they had an opportunity to move it to South Haven, they jumped on it, because … wouldn’t you?

Why candy? Well, Liz has always loved making candy, and Joe has always loved eating it!  Liz’s great-grandparents were candy-makers, who set up at fairs and festivals across the Midwest, and their kids were enlisted to pull taffy and pat out caramel corn. Liz’s grandfather stuck with it (get it?), and eventually became an executive with Brach’s Confectionary in the 1950s-60s. Liz learned the family recipes in her grandmother’s kitchen. She’s always been a candy enthusiast.  I guess you could say, it’s in her blood.

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