About Us

Sweet Haven is an old-fashioned candy shop in the magical beach town of South Haven, Michigan.

Our specialties include smooth and creamy fudge and rich handcrafted caramels.  The shop also carries about 500 varieties of retro & bulk candy, saltwater taffy, chocolates, rock candy, gummi candy, sour candy, chewy candy, hard candy, soft candy, chocolate candy, fruity candy, you name it.  



Sweet Haven is at 411 Phoenix Street in South Haven, Michigan.



People of Sweet Haven

Sweet Haven is owned by Liz & Joe Woods.  


Liz comes from a long line of confectioners. Her great-grandmother founded Mrs. Mac's Candies nearly 100 years ago! The family recipes and original copper kettle eventually landed in Liz's sticky little hands.  She's been cooking the family recipes most of her life. Joe & Liz's opened their first candy store in 2012 and moved to South Haven in 2016. They love carrying on the family tradition in this beautiful lakeside community.


Contact Us

We'd be delighted to hear from you.  Call us at (269) 637-7722 or email lizwoods@sweethavencandy.com.